Agapit of Pechersk ― first physician of Kievan Rus, a monk of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra‎, living in the 11th century that possessed great spiritual strength and healed even severe illnesses. For his disinterested helping people he was named as «Healer from God». His relics are also accredited with great salutary powers and are kept in the Near Caves of Kiev Pechersk Lavra in the underground Church of the Entry of the Mother of God into the Temple. Even today they have salutary effect at people.

Agapit of Pechersk possessed deep understanding of human nature and human relationship. It was nice to all good people talk with him and everyone left with particle of life in his Soul, with Faith and Hope. He has showed the Path to the salvation of the Soul helping get out of the illusory bonds of the material being.

During his lifetime Agapit was visited by many different peoples, irrespective of their communion to religion at that. Beside Christians there were Buddhists, Muslims, and people of other religions. They came to him not only because he was a healer, but also because he was a Wiseman, a man who knows the true way to God. Many religious leaders had no special liking for him because of such pilgrimage, for he didn’t call upon changing people’s religion, like they did for widening their rule. He related true words of Jesus to people, that God is one, and that there are many ways to Him. I’m not very surprised at the fact that all the records about the pilgrimage to Agapit were thoroughly removed from the annals. It was because Agapit told people about the true Teaching of Jesus, which had been transformed into religion by that time. He related about freedom of choice, about soul eternal.

Though Agapit healed people delivering them from various corporal and spiritual ailments, he also edified them: ‘It doesn't befit to disturb God about anything except for salvation of your own soul. Ask not for your body or for your health; it is not the belly of yours you should concern yourself with – all this is empty decay, insatiable in desires. For there is no petition more deserving, than a petition for salvation of your own soul’. Many people actually came to believe in God owing to Agapit, because he had always been an example of true service of God in his spiritual pureness. So powerful was he in his inner spirit, that there was nothing impossible for him. Agapit had been proving it with word and deed time and again.

Spiritual people longed for him, while those who hungered for gold feared him. Agapit taught people to keep their thoughts pure, because any bad thought engenders doubt. And there can be no pure faith in doubt. Doubt can ruin everything. Agapit often used to say: ‘Believe, and you shall be rendered according to your faith. It is simple, but it’s difficult to comprehend. The whole difficulty is in simplicity’.

Agapit said: "Gold indeed is litter for soul and temptation for thoughts. It is filth, which many thirst for, but which in truth is a shadowy delusion. The true value for a monk is in sincere prayer for his soul. It is not satiety of a belly and health of a body that one needs to be concerned about. For whatever food you eat, sooner or later you will be hungry. And whatever health you’ve got, sooner or later your flesh will die. While the soul is eternal. And only it is worthy of a true concern".

Agapit helped some of the talented monks to master medical treatment. The learning was based on special prayers, uttered in a particular state of consciousness, as a rule over food or liquid. Owing to which, for instance, that liquid was filled with force, and used as a remedy afterwards, given to the sick for intake or for external use. Simply speaking, Agapit’ disciples learnt not only the ways of altering physical characteristics of liquids, but also their molecule structure, overlaying the necessary information. Naturally, they were not aware to such a nicety of the process, which took place in molecule microcosm of liquid structures, as well as of how it exactly influenced the macroobject. But they did not really need to know all that. The monks simply used general postulates of the knowledge, given to them by Agapit, – the same way, for example, as we use electricity nowadays. The electric power is exploited by people every day; however, thus far nobody really knows what it is in fact.

Agapit founded a spiritual abode where throughout all time of its existence nobody has ever counted how many people could get a healing from lethal diseases and, thank God, are getting cured still. But this is not so essential. The most important fact is that many could get spiritual health there, which is more important than physical one. On a large scale the Pechersk Monastery’s name has resounded for ages owing to Agapit as well as his relics, in which there still remains the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

Even nowadays many people from various countries and of various religions, even those who consider themselves ‘atheists’ spend more time near the relics of Agapit when attending the Pechersk Caves. Why? It’s because people intuitively feel true Holiness, for soul cannot be deceived, you know. But if only people could know that they can ask not only for healing of their bodies, but, what’s more important, for salvation of their souls – especially during the days when the Holy Spirit abides in the relics, beginning every 25th of February and lasting for the whole week, – now that would bring incomparably more good for their souls. For there is no holier place on Earth during those days other than that one, where any person, irrespective of his religion, can be so close to God’s Ear with his petition. And such a chance has each person, who can use it during the seven days of a year. Since the following year may not come for him. For brief are human days at the crossroads of times. For sorrowful are their deeds before the face of God. Every human instant is already on the scale. And there is no concern for souls more important than the craving for finding salvation. It is not in the outside faith, but in the inner faith that the key to the Gate is. Only a sightless man, blinded with dust, can fail to see it.

All a human is able to give to God is his faith and his sincere prayer. There is nothing else he can give to God. For everything around a human is God’s creation. It doesn't befit to offer the Master His own property. You see, God needs nothing from human, except his Faith and Love! What can a small child give to his Parent to gladden His heart? Only Love and Respect.

While you’re alive, human, you have a chance to beg an eternity of God’s love for your soul. And while you have this CHANCE, go to Agapit on the holy week and pray unto the Holy Spirit only for your soul. For your body is perishable, it is dust. And all earthly concerns are empty. But remember, human, that everything you promise in your petition before God, do fulfil! For He, like every parent, brooks no lies; He forgives, but does not entrust after...

Shrine with relics of the Venerable Agapetus of Pechersk is one of the most respected and famous places in Kiev, and by different people, independently of age, social status or even religion. Within the exhibition that held on January 16, 2011 was conducting photo exhibition of famous people – politicians, artists, businesspeople – visiting Near Caves of Kiev Pechersk Lavra, where reliquary with relics of Agapitus of Pechersk is kept. Among them was the president of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev; the president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych; the 42nd president of the United States, Bill Clinton; the managing director of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan; the legendary singer, Alla Borisovna Pugacheva.

Agapit of Pechersk – is wonderful phenomenon that promotes unification of nations on the culture, moral and spiritual basis.

Information based on materials from 2nd Volume of the series of books “Sensei” by Anastasia Novykh.