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"Agapit of Pechersk” is a unique painting of writer and artist

Anastasia Novykh.

Agapit of Pechersk is the first healer of Kievan Rus, a monk of Kiev Pechersk Lavra?. He possessed great spiritual strength and exceptional gift of healing. A flow of people to his relics hasn’t ceased for nearly a thousand years already. For more information about the week that starts on the 25th of February and unique properties of relics of Agapit of Pechersk please read the 2nd volume of book series by Anastasia Novykh.

The portrait depicts real appearance of Agapit of Pechersk restored by means of anthropological research of his relics – plastic reconstruction of individual`s appearance from bone remains (by method of M.M. Gerasimov) was made now well-known scientist from Moscow, Sergey Nikitin.

The portrait “Agapit of Pechersk” is uncommon for its, one can say, mystic influence over a spectator, which makes it a truly unique work of modern art. Incomprehensibly it strengthens what predominates in an individual. The portrait is painted in oils using ancient techniques that produce inimitable live effect of the image, that stir the innermost essence of man.