We gladly welcome you to our web-site that has united

many peoples regardless of their age, religion, social status.

Union of these peoples is based on cultural,

ethical, universal, and spiritual values.

This unusual union of peoples was precedented by a momentous in many respects event that took place in Kiev (Ukraine) on January 16, 2011 in a mansion of renowned a nobleman of 19-20 centuries, councilor of State Semen Semenovich Mogylevtsev. On this day (for one day only!) there took place an exhibition of unique, mystical and the only alive painting in the world “Agapit of Pechersk” oiled by a popular writer and artist Anastasia Novykh.

Painting Agapit of Pechersk by Anastasia Novykh


The painting “Agapit of Pechersk” is drawn, using ancient Slavic techniques.
The portrait depicts real appearance of Agapit of Pechersk. The artist is Anastasia Novykh.


Momentous painting in momentous place in momentous city! During a single day, the exhibition of the painting was visited by more than 3 thousand people, many of whom specially came to Kiev for this event. A lot of people were able to experience extraordinary power proceeding from the painting. Many phenomena displayed by the portrait of Agapit were recorded with photo and video cameras. This uncommon exhibition aroused such a great interest and drew such a wide response in society that it enabled many peoples in different cities and countries of the world to organize an international photo exhibition"Agapit of Pechersk. For Unity and Friendship!"

It is prestigious nowadays to be a spiritual and ethical person, free of induced stereotypes of negative thinking. Evidently, people miss kindness, selfless assistance to people around, they miss true cultural festive occasions for one’s soul. In fact, cultural revival of any country is the first step in uniting people on the ground of universal values.

The image of Agapit was able to stir deep feelings in peoples of many corners of the world. This is proven by the fact that the we have received hundreds of comments written by peoples from different countries and continents. Inimitable, live image of Agapit of Pechersk strengthens what predominates in an individual. One cannot fail to notice the changes that it commences in one. Many people realize something significant and start to change their lives.

If you have a will to change yourself, get to know phenomena of this world, if you strive to revive universal, ethical values in society and do good, write us. For, you know,

Good creates good!!!